TV licence fury: BBC backtracks on plan to refuse refunds for over 75s

BBC FREE TV LICENCEThe BBC was considering scrapping its refunds policy, but has now backtracked (Image: GETTY)

Viewers over the age of 75 are entitled to a free TV licence but many end up accidentally paying the fee, making up millions of pounds handed to the Beeb every year. The network was “considering” scrapping the policy next year, which would mean pensioners who could have availed of a free licence but instead paid, would not get their money back. But now TV Licensing - the company behind the TV licence - has said the refunds policy “will continue” indefinitely.

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The BBC has faced a growing backlash in recent months after it announced it would be axing free TV licences for Britons over the age of 75.

From June 2020, only those on pension credit will be entitled to the concession.

The changes come as the Beeb prepares to take over responsibility for the licences as part of the deal it struck with the government in 2015.

The backtrack comes after MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis fiercely criticised the BBC for saying pensioners may no longer be able to claim back cash they had wrongly paid. 

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