Iran alert: US accuse Tehran of mysterious oil tanker disappearance in Strait ...

Iran-US: Oil tanker disappears in HormuzIran-US: Oil tanker disappears in Hormuz (Image: AFP/GETTY)

According to the US officials, the oil tanker stopped transmitting its location as it passed near to Qeshm Island, the home of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard on Tuesday. The latest event comes after Iran’s failed seizure of another oil tanker last week and two separate attacks on two other ships last month. Speaking on the disappearance of the vessel, Riah, the US official admitted that they feared it had been seized by Iran.

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They added: “We certainly have suspicions that it was taken.

“Could it have broken down or been towed for assistance? That's a possibility.

“But the longer there is a period of no contact, it's going to be a concern.”

The Riah was travelling from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) although a UAE official insisted that it was not owned by the state or had any of its personnel on board.

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