Area 51 security risk: ISIS could be behind viral Facebook event warns ...

weird newsAn intelligence expert has warned about the consequences of the Area 51 storming (Image: GETTY)

Thornton D. Barnes, who actually spent time on Area 51, in his time as an Army intelligent special, wrote a Fox News column to criticise would be protestors. Mr Barnes admitted there was a chance many signed up as a tongue-in-cheek joke, but questioned the source of the event: “In fact, how do those participating know who is behind this plan? How do they even know that the organisers are not connected to ISIS or some other adversary or enemy using them to disrupt or penetrate the national security of the United States?” The expert said the US was more than justified in sending heavy-handed warnings.

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He wrote: “Merely naming the Facebook event, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ speaks of incredibly irresponsible and naive thinking by a horde of ‘iPad Warriors’ who don’t have a clue about the many consequences should they attempt to storm Area 51, or any other military installation for that matter.”

Mr Barnes says he spent more than a decade in military service but: “Not once did I ever think that I’d seen, nor did I ever hear a pilot say that he or she had seen an alien spacecraft.

“The Facebook warriors, thinking that they will find aliens at Area 51 are ludicrous -- there is no basis for their thinking so whatsoever. They have no smoking gun.”

He also then began to talk about potential legal risks if a storming took place, including someone getting seriously hurt.

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area 51Area 51 is a heavily guarded facility (Image: GETTY)

Mr Barnes rejected the chances of protestors successfully storming the base and making it back whilst evading capture and detection.

He spoke of the heavy guns on the site: “In the real world, Area 51 is a remote

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