Brexiteer turns on Gina Miller in explosive Brexit clash - 'You're patronising'

BREXIT supporter Tom Harwood branded activist Gina Miller "patronising" after she insisted she has not been trying to stop the British Government from delivering Brexit.

PUBLISHED: 13:34, Thu, Jul 18, 2019 | UPDATED: 13:48, Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Gina Miller last week warned she has now assembled a team to legally challenge the next Prime Minister over potential attempts to keep MPs from retaking their seats and intervene to prevent a no deal Brexit. Ms Miller won a High Court case against the Government over the involvement of Parliament in Brexit in 2017. As she discussed her fresh plans on Sky News, Ms Miller maintained she respected the results of the EU referendum, which prompted Tom Harwood to say: "You’ve appeared on platforms with countless politicians in running your campaign Best for Britain.

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"You are running Stop the Chaos. You’ve been involved in so many of these campaigns it’s extraordinary.

"The idea that you are not an anti-Brexit activist – Gina, I think people find this really patronising when you talk to people and you pretend to be such an impartial voice."

The young Brexiteer, who ran the Student Leave campaign in the run-up to the 2016 referendum and now works as a reporter for website Guido Fawkes, continued: "You are clearly not an impartial voice.

"You believe leaving at all would cause us harm. That’s why you’ve been involved in these organisations to stop us leaving."

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Brexit news - Tom Harwood Gina MillerBrexit news: Harwood called Miller (Image: SKY NEWS)

Brexit news - Tom Harwood Gina MillerBrexit news: Harwood and Miller clashed over her threat of a court case against the Government (Image: SKY NEWS)

You should get on the record and see that after the referendum I said ‘we’re all Brexiteers now'

Gina Miller

Ms Miller, however, defended herself, insisting she had accepted the results of the referendum but wanted the legal process to be protected.

She said: "You should get on the record and see that after the referendum I said ‘we’re all Brexiteers now.’

"I left Best for Britain the day after the 2017 elections. I’m sorry but that’s not correct. I’m not part of – Best for Britain I left after the election.

"I’ve not been involved in

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