France weather warning: Scorching heatwave to hit this weekend - temperatures ...

The country’s second heatwave in less than a month will be accompanied by high humidity levels and thunderstorms, according to weather channel La Chaîne Météo. “This episode of extreme heat, which cannot be compared to the heatwave experienced at the end of June, should prove relatively ‘normal’ for the summer period,” the TV channel said. “The hot air mass coming from North Africa via the Iberian Peninsula is expected to last for several days, until Friday, July 26, at least.” 

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Temperatures in southern France are expected to rise to 35-37 degrees Celsius, potentially reaching a peak of 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. 

Temperatures in the north will be cooler in comparison, hovering between 30-33 degrees Celsius. 

France, Spain, and parts of central Europe sweltered in an early summer heatwave last month that caused several deaths.

In , June was the second warmest month in since 1800, with the temperature 3.30 degrees Celsius higher than average.

France was badly hit by the sizzling heat. In Gallargues-le-Montueux, near the southern town of Nimes, temperatures rose to a record 45.8 degrees Celsius, nearly two degrees above the previous high recorded during the deadly heatwave of August 2003. 

France was deeply affected by the 2003 heatwave, which shone a harsh spotlight on the shortfalls of emergency services at the peak of the summer holidays. Some 15,000 people are thought to have died that year

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