#PeakyBlinders - Tommy Shelby’s fate revealed as boss lets slip big spoiler

Peaky Blinders fans last saw Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) come face-to-face with Al Capone while he made his political ambitions clear. 

Many could barely imagine the Birmingham gang leader in Parliament, but a recent trailer proved he is heading that very way.

However, is Tommy really heading for a lengthy political career?

Showrunner, Steven Knight, has recently spoken about a potential endgame for the character, and it seems he’s heading for redemption. 

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Speaking at the recent premiere in Birmingham, the boss told BBC News how Tommy has the chance for “rehabilitation” with his new MP status.

The flawed character has lost a lot and is still mentally scarred from participating in World War One. 

Steven explained: “The fact that Tommy is now an MP for South Birmingham means that he has to retain his contacts with the people of Birmingham.

“We all know that he has many motives, but what I’m trying to do over the long game is to rehabilitate him.”

Taking on such an important and caring role is good for Tommy, who has struggled with living a straight life. 

The gangster has an opportunity to change the lives of Birmingham’s most poor members of society, somewhere he and his family have also come from. 

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