#Casualty - Ciaran Coulson gets revenge on Connie Beauchamp after fatal error

Casualty fans are loving the power struggle between Ciaran Coulson (played by Rick Warden) and Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing). 

The pair have been at loggerheads for weeks and it seems only one of them will be able to come out on top. 

However, in the coming weeks, it seems a prison riot will almost destroy Connie, while Ciaran uses it to his advantage. 

According to actor Rick, his character could never get long with Connie, despite everything. 

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Speaking about the upcoming prison riot storyline which will see Connie’s Emergency Department struggle to cope, Rick told What’s On TV he knows how to sort it out. 

The actor teased: “You’d think Connie’s earlier eviction of him from sharing her office would give her some room - but it actually doubles the pressure.

“The trouble is when someone as arrogant as Ciaran meets someone like Connie, they just can’t be easily in the same space.

“He’s decided that the ED’s problems are at the top.”

Of course, with Connie being at the top of the department, it seems his target is firmly set on her.

Furthermore, Ciaran has teamed up with Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) from Resus, and it only goes to prove Connie is a liability. 

Archie and Connie had to work together in the highly-pressurised environment, but the latter made a mistake and blamed the former. 

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