#Countryfile star Sean Fletcher opens up on fear of being 'judged' over son's ...

Sean Fletcher, 45, and his wife Luned Tonderai are parents to daughter Lili and 16-year-old son Reuben, who suffers from severe OCD. Reuben was diagnosed with the anxiety disorder back in 2015, but Sean and Luned kept the matter private for a long time, choosing not to speak publicly about his condition. In an unearthed 2017 interview with Wales Online, Countryfile star Sean admitted he and his wife had been fearful of people’s reaction due to the stigma surrounding mental health. “Initially we hid it and made excuses but as soon as we started talking to people about it was like a burden had been lifted,” he said.

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“Luned and I were worried that we would be judged as parents - did we work too much? There is all this stigma for parents, too.

“The parental stigma has been one of the main issues for us, and something I haven’t heard much about,” he continued. “The worry that if we talked about Reuben’s OCD we’d be judged, he’d be judged.

“In fact, what we found when we started telling people, was a release,” he told the publication.

“It was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. And many parents have been in touch sharing their experiences and concerns.

“The stigma stops you speaking

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