#GameOfThrones' Grey Worm COULDN’T kill Jon Snow after Daenerys’ murder for ...

Game of Thrones fans were left furious after it was announced showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss would not sit on the panel at San Diego Comic Con. 

Despite their absence, the fandom was met with Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson, Varys actor Conleth Hill and many more to tackle the post finale backlash.

The cast made their way through hundreds of questions from the public, one of which involved Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) and Grey Worm. 

In the season finale, viewers saw Grey Worm determined to receive justice for the slaughter of his Queen Daenerys Targaryan (Emilia Clarke.)

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However, the character never took vengeance as viewers would expect, and the decision was questioned at the San Diego event. 

According to Comicbook.com, actor Jacob explained: "I think that in my head there came a point with Grey Worm toward the end where it became like 'Enough is enough.' 

“I think that's a big reason why he left, it was like everyone who was ever dear to him was dead now. 

“He'd only just learned how to have people be dear to him. So I think he was just like 'This is a violent place, and this isn't what I want my existence to be anymore.'

"I don't just want it to be violent. So I think there's a sense that he was will for there to be a trial - he wasn't trying to just kill everyone anymore.

“I don't think he wants to necessarily kill Jon Snow, he just doesn't want him to be alive."

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Game of Thrones Grey worm Jon Snow DaenerysGame of Thrones: The Grey worm star revealed why the character didn't kill John Snow (Image: SKY)

Game of Thrones Grey WormGame of Thrones: The Grey worm star

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