Coronation Street star Kate Ford hits out at show writer after SHOCK reveal ...

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford, 42, confronted soap writer Daran Little, 53, about his reasons behind the tweets in view of her 135,000 followers.

Daran shared a series of tweets about his plans to kill off some characters with his 20,000 followers.

He wrote: “Things soap writers do on boring train journeys, No.1 make a list of all the people you’ve killed off.

“No.2 make a list of all the people you want to kill off. No.3 make a list of all the people you wished you had killed off.”

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Why are you tweeting this stuff?

Kate Ford

Kate responded to the tweet, simply writing: “Oh.”

Daran then followed up his tweet writing: “Chatted to an actor once, said I’d forgotten how he’d left a particular show. His grim reply: ‘You killed me off’. Oh yes.”

He added: “The actor in question had asked to leave. Sorry for offending anyone. Guess I shouldn’t tweet when jet lagged and on meds.”

Seemingly taken aback by his tweet, Kate added: “Why are you tweeting this stuff Darren….???? This is peoples careers.”(sic)

Kate then went on to retweet a tweet which praised “phenomenal actors” within current soaps.

The tweet added: “Just because some of them make what they do look effortless doesn't mean it is. Don't be fooled... it's hard work and even harder to do well.”

Kate Ford: Coronation Street star hit out at the show's writer Daran LittleKate Ford:

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