Spider-Man 3 – Did Kevin Feige just let slip Far From Home sequel is in ...

Spider-Man Far From Home just concluded the Infinity Saga with a huge cliffhanger for Peter Parker. But when Marvel Studios announced the Phase 4 movie slate, Spider-Man 3 was nowhere to be seen. Not only this, but it wasn’t even confirmed for the Phase 5 movies like Captain Marvel which will arrive in 2022 and afterwards. So just what is going on?

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It’s widely believed that as part of their deal with Disney, Sony – who own the rights to Spider-Man – want a Web Slinger movie in the MCU every two years. 

So far that’s been the case, but there’s no sign of Spider-Man 3 in Summer 2021.

But here’s the thing: since it’s a Sony property, it’s not for Marvel Studios to announce a Spider-Man movie.

And it looks like Kevin Feige has already let slip that Spider-Man 3 is coming in 2021 after all.

spiderman and mjSpider-Man 3: Did Kevin Feige just let slip Far From Home sequel is in Marvel Phase 4? (Image: SONY)

MCU Cosmic noted that in an

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