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The Amazon rainforest is home to a number of primitive tribes who have little to no contact with the outside world. Now, footage has emerged of a man allegedly belonging in the most threatened tribe in the world - the Awá people. The incredible close-up video clip appears to show the bare-chested young tribesman prowling through the forest. He holds a spear but spots a machete abandoned on the ground and picks it up to sniff it.

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Amazon rainforest tribesman spotted in incredible footage of ‘uncontacted’ tribe

However, the tribesman then seems to fear that he is being watched and appears to look right at the camera.

He stares inquisitively into the undergrowth where the camera is as another tribesman appears next to him.

The young man looks anxiously over his shoulder back at the camera before disappearing off into the rainforest with his comrade.

The footage was filmed by a member of a neighbouring tribe called the Guajajara.

They live in one of the last zones of intact forest in Maranhão - a greatly deforested state in the north-east of Brazil.

Flay Guajajara said he recorded the clip while out hunting and released it through the Mídia Índia platform.

amazon rainforest tribe awa uncontacted tribes endangered viral videoAmazon rainforest: The close-up video clip appears to show the bare-chested young tribesman (Image: Mídia

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