Royal snub: How Tony Blair left Queen ‘terribly offended’ with huge blunder

Queen Elizabeth II has seen 13 Prime Ministers come and go in her record-breaking 67-year reign. With Boris Johnson freshly announced this afternoon as the new leader of the Conservative Party, he is set to become the 14th Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s reign and will take over the responsibility of meeting with the monarch every week. The meetings are strictly confidential on both sides, with the tiniest slip regarded as a huge breach of protocol, which Tony Blair discovered to his detriment in 1997. 

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Documentary “The Queen and Her Prime Ministers” takes a look at the moment, during the Queen and Prince Philip’s 50th anniversary celebrations, when Mr Blair made the blunder.

In his toast, he said: “Actually Your Majesty’s closing words to me at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday at the end of our weekly session were: ‘Please don’t be too effusive’.”

Her Majesty seems to lose her composure momentarily at the blip.

In Tony Blair’s own memoirs about the Queen he said: “Sometimes you can let her be matey with you, but you should never try and do that with her.

“Because, if you do, you then you get the look.”

Queen Elizabeth II; Tony BlairQueen Elizabeth II and Tony Blair (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince PhilipQueen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celbrated their Golden anniversary in 1997 (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II and Tony BlairTony Blair asks the Queen's permission to form a

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