China shows off military might in face of growing Hong Kong protests: ‘We ...

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army posted a clip showing an anti-terrorism drill being carried out in Hong Kong. The region – which is semi-autonomous but technically under the governance of Beijing – has been rocked by massive protests which started in June against a controversial extradition law. It has since grown into a wider movement against China itself – leaving Beijing scrambling to quell the dissent.

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The video is the latest in a series of propaganda moves intended to discourage protestors from spilling out onto the streets.

It shows the People's Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong – a force totalling around 6,000 troops – carrying out drills.

It begins with a squad carrying out an anti-terror raid in an apartment before more troops storm a ship.

Snipers then take out targets from the hills before a car bomb is detonated in a controlled .

Are China trying to scare off protestors in Hong Kong?Are China trying to scare off protestors in Hong Kong? (Image: GETTY)

Thousands of Hong Kong protestors have rocked BeijingThousands of Hong Kong protestors have rocked Beijing's resolve (Image: GETTY)

It is the next part of the video, however, that sends a thinly-veiled message to Hong Kong demonstrators.

A soldier is seen holding a sign saying: “WARNING. Stop charging or we use force” while riot police chant “fall back”.

Water cannons are used on protestors before a series of attacks on targets using turret guns and even missiles are displayed.

The clip concludes with various civilians praising the People’s Liberation Army and Xi Jinping’s government.

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The PLA has 6,000 troops in Hong KongThe PLA has 6,000 troops in Hong Kong (Image: GETTY)

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The caption reads: "We are

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