China hits back at after talks fail to deliver breakthrough - ‘Show ...

trump-jinping-us-trade-war-talksMr suggested the Chinese were not operating in good faith when it comes to trade talks (Image: GETTY)

US representatives met with their Chinese counterparts in Shanghai on Wednesday for the first round of discussions after after US President Donald and his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping agreed on a truce. On the eve of the talks on Wednesday, Mr boasted his tariffs had forced China “back on its heels” and suggested Beijing was not negotiating in good faith. The meetings, which both sides described as constructive, brought together US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin and Chinese vice-premier Liu He. 

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Hours before the talks kicked off, Mr risked infuriating Beijing when he tweeted: “China has lost 5 million jobs and two million manufacturing jobs due to the Tariffs. 

got China back on its heels, and the United States is doing great.” 

He also suggested Beijing was not negotiating honestly when he said there were “no signs” that China was honouring its pledge to buy more American agricultural products. 

Mr and Mr Xi agreed to relaunch discussions on trade amid the ongoing war when they met at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, in July. 

trump-jinping-us-trade-war-talksThe negotiators ended their talks after half a day and will meet again in September (Image: REUTERS)

CHINA TRADE TALKSSteve Mnuchin, Robert Lighthizer, Liu He and Zhong Shan took part in the talks (Image: REUTERS)

Mr agreed to hold back on imposing new tariffs on Chinese goods “for the time being” and ease restrictions for US companies to sell to Huawei. 

A spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry said Mr ’s comments had made her

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