Hilarious video shows people hypnotised into thinking they are completely naked

TV hypnotist Aaron Calvert convinced the volunteers they had lost their clothes in the middle of London's busy Soho Square Gardens. The footage shows the subjects entering an altered state of mind to believe they were parading around in the park in just their birthday suit. First Aaron persuaded the subjects he was naked - then that they were missing their clothes. Mind-reader Aaron, 27, carried out the experiment for Vision Direct as part of its 'Go Naked' campaign, which was created to encourage adults who wear glasses to switch to contact lenses during the summer months.

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He said: "It was an incredible experience hypnotising people into thinking they were naked in Soho square.

"The reactions from the participants and the public were absolutely hilarious and so varied. From sheer confusion, through to pure hysterics, even hiding in a bush.

"It's certainly a fun-filled experience that I won't be forgetting any time soon. Especially with one of the participants telling me 'it was a little cold to be nude'. Ah the power of the imagination...

"We laughed, we cried and we managed to keep our clothes on.

"Some people are more prone to being hypnotised than others. You have to be in a certain mind-frame."

Victoria Bos, 24, from London, said: "When I realised my clothes were gone, I curled up into a ball and dropped to the floor. I was actually more conscious of showing the world my bottom.

"I don't know about cooking and cleaning naked, but I don't want to be in a park naked.

"When Aaron was naked I couldn't believe it. I didn't know where to look. Then when he bent over I had to look away. I was like, why is this man naked?"

videoThe subjects enter an altered state of mind thinking they are naked (Image: SWNS)

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