Raab launches charm offensive in Asia Pacific - 'I'm not focused on Brussels'

Dominic Raab travelled to Thailand this week to meet with partners in the Asia Pacific and to discuss strengthening trading relationships with the UK after Brexit. The Foreign Secretary insisted the British Government is not concerned about trading arrangements the European Union is forming in the Asia Pacific as he said Britain is focussed on forming its own partnerships. Speaking to Channel News Asia on Thursday, Mr Raab said: "I’m not so focused on what the EU is doing.

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"We want strong friendship, a trading relationship with them as well but the United Kingdom will be a more autonomous, independent player in the world and that means we’ll make our own mark in the world and follow and pursue the things that are most important to us.

"Many of those things will be global and regional interests for the Asia Pacific region."

Mr Raab also reiterated the Government's belief Brexit will allow the United Kingdon not only to maintain the trading relationship the country has had with European Union member states but also to build new "huge ties" across the world.

He continued: "This isn’t a zero-sum game, it’s not less Europe – we’ll continue to have our trading, security cooperation relationship with our European partners.

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Brexit news - Dominic Raab Jean Claude JunckerBrexit news: Raab said he is "not focussed" on the European Union (Image: GETTY•CNA)

Brexit news - Dominic RaabBrexit news: Raab said he wants to strengthen ties with the Asia Pacific region (Image: CNA)

One of the advantages of coming out of the EU is to be a more energetic power when it comes to trade

Dominic Raab

"But we will be freer to strengthen and build on the huge ties – commercial, trading, security – that we have with the countries of this region and that’s a really important component of a post-Brexit vision for the United Kingdom.

"One of the advantages of coming out of the EU is to be a more energetic power when it comes to trade - that’s a win-win for countries in this region and the United Kingdom because we can boost jobs on both sides.

"We also want to make sure we are a responsible global citizen and that means working with the countries in the region on security challenges and making sure we have regional

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