The dirtiest item in a #hotel room - disgusting truth revealed. Have you ...

hotel room tv remote control hotels dirty cleaningHotel secrets: There’s one object in particular that you’ll most likely use during your stay (Image: Getty Images)

Hotel rooms could easily be associated with being very clean, given how often housekeeping comes in. But while some surfaces may be gleaming and your towels freshly laundered, some items in the room are often neglected. There’s one object in particular that you’ll most likely use during your stay in the hotel. However, research has shown it is the dirtiest thing in the room - and you may want to avoid touching it.

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Hotel secrets: The dirtiest item in hotel rooms revealed - the disgusting truth may surprise you

TV remote controls were found to be the most contaminated items in hotel rooms, according to a study.

The study on contamination levels in hotel rooms was led by the University of Houston.

Remote controls are used by nearly all the people that have ever stayed in that room.

No matter how clean and hygienic your habits are, there’s no knowing what previous occupants were like, meaning the remotes could be crammed with bacteria.

It’s recommended to use a disinfecting cleaning wipe to clean the remote control.

Even a damp hand towel could help a bit

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