EU's latest 'undemocratic' move pushing Remainers toward Brexit, Kate Hoey warns

The European Council last month nominated German politician Ursula von der Leyen as the new head of the Commission, effectively bypassing the proposed candidates MEPs had put forward ahead of the European elections. Labour Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey suggested the move had demonstrated to Remainers the democratic fallacies of the bloc as she warned against plans for further integration across the bloc. Speaking to Labour Leave, Ms Hoey said: "It’s interesting that very little has been tweeted by the Remain campaign, by the People’s Vote campaign about all of this.

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"What I think we are seeing now is that some people who have voted remain and were very sad that we were leaving have now also started to understand the democratic aspect of the European Union.

"Not only would it be absolutely ridiculous to have another referendum going against the first democratic referendum but that actually, democracy itself is not being served by the European Union.

"We will see more and more moves towards majority voting, a federal kind of situation where our country would have been even more and more isolated.

"We are different, we are an island nation, we see ourselves differently. We see the need for cooperation and working together but not under a system that actually takes away power away from our Parliament."

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Brexit news - Von der Leyen Kate HoeyBrexit news: Hoey said von der Leyen's election highlighted the "undemocratic" nature of the EU (Image: EPTV•LABOUR LEAVE)

Brexit news - Kate HoeyBrexit news: Hoey predicted the EU will move toward a more "federal" structure in the future (Image: LABOUR LEAVE)

Parliament ultimately votes for the Commissioner but they were only given one name

Kate Hoey

Ms Hoey also argued the selection of Ms von der Leyen as the new President of the Commission had highlighted the relatively small role played by the European Parliament.

MEPs were asked to confirm the former German defence minister in her new role despite criticism from across the bloc over her nomination. Ms von der Leyen was later elected with the backing of 383 of the 751 MEPs in Parliament.

The Labour Brexiteer continued: "What we’ve seen in the past few weeks with the shenanigans

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