Brendan O’Carroll's wife Jennifer Gibney speaks out on Mrs Brown’s Boys ...

Jennifer Gibney, 55, opened up about a “funny” on-stage mishap involving her husband Brendan O’Carroll, 63, who plays Irish matriarch Agnes Brown in BBC's Mrs Brown’s Boys. The actress revealed Brendan usually “acknowledges” mistakes when they happen and refuses to “gloss over” errors. The couple recently embarked on a touring production of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical and Jennifer exclusively told that audience members should expect the unexpected. She explained: “As you’ve seen on the TV show, if a mistake happens Brendan isn’t going to gloss over it, he will acknowledge that it happens and leave it in. 

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He just left him on so he had to try to join in at various stages, which was terrifying for him.

Jennifer Gibney

“If someone goes out on stage and you’re in an arena and the microphone goes, Brendan always says there’s no point in pretending to the audience that the microphone is working when they know it’s not, so someone from the sound desk will walk on with a microphone. 

“Anything that happens on stage he just goes with it and makes it part of the show.”

Jennifer continued: “The audience come out and people say, ‘I was there the night this happened’. There’s always something unexpected that happens. 

“If you went to see the show twice you wouldn’t see the same show. It grows every night because Brendan thinks on the fly and ideas come to him where he can mess around with the rest of us on stage and make it challenging night by night.”

Giving an example of Brendan’s mischievous ways, the Cathy Brown star recalled: “One of the actors who isn’t in one of the dancer teams was on stage and he just left him on so he had to try to join in at various stages, which was terrifying for him but very funny for the rest of us. 

“It keeps everyone on their toes,

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