BBC’s #JohnHumphrys sparks outrage as he claims 'women are better than men at ...

BBC host John Humphrys enraged social media users after a claim he made as he discussed the ban of advertisements promoting gender stereotyping. The BBC presenter claimed promoting the idea of women being good carers for children is "desirable" as he claimed mothers are "better" at looking after babies. Mr Humphrys said: "A woman looking after a baby is, by any estimate, a very, very good and desirable thing for society.

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"And by and large, and this – maybe I will be attacked for this – you do a better job at it than men. At least in our experience, I would have thought. Isn’t that common sense?"

The BBC presenter made the comment as he discussed the decision from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to ban food giant Mondelez and car manufacturer Volkswagen under new gender stereotyping rules. 

BBC Radio 4 listeners however did not appear to appreciate Mr Humphry's comments, taking to Twitter to vent their anger.

One user said: "Disgraceful interviewing as usual from John Humphrys on @BBCRadio4- confidently interrupting experts with his opinions, and dismissing both media studies and impact of gender stereotypes."

Brexit news - John HumphrysBBC host John Humphrys caused outrage with his comment (Image: BBC)

BBC John HumphrysJohn Humphrys was advised to get on with the time (Image: BBC)

Another said: "Quite priceless to hear John Humphrys @BBCr4today say in an interview about tackling stereotypical ads that 'women are better at taking care of kids' than men (and saying he’d probably get bad responses for saying it!)."

Another user wrote: "Can all men who care for their children please let John Humphrys know that they do this in a way just as loving and skilful as women? Thanks! #r4today"

One more comment read: "Hardline Brexiteer, Tory puppet, Gammon and #r4today presenter

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