#SacredGames season 2 streaming: How to watch online and download

on Thursday (August 15) will release season two of Sacred Games, the smash hit Indian thriller series. Sacred Games season two episodes will all be available on at once on Thursday. will also allow users to download episodes of Sacred Games season two to watch offline.

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How to watch Sacred Games season 2 online

Sacred Games season two will be available to watch online on from one minute past minute Indian time on Thursday, August 15.

Sacred Games is a global original, meaning that the streaming service is the only place to watch the show.

The second series has eight episodes, all of which will be released at once on .

When the series drops in your country depends on your time zone.

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sacred games season 2 streamingSacred Games season 2 will be streaming on (Image: )

sacred games streamingSacred Games is a global original (Image: )

In the UK, the series will air from 7.30pm BST on August 14, while in the US in the series will be out at 11.30am that same day.

As well as allowing subscribers to stream Sacred Games, also has a download function.

Users on selected devices are able to download Sacred Games episodes to watch offline.

A full list of compatible devices is on the websites but includes

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