Is surrounded? Cold War 2 fears as states hostile to US mapped

The US President promised to put his own country first as a priority when running for office in 2016. He claimed that Washington’s overreaching involvement in many countries put the US at a disadvantage, and has subsequently severed aid to a host of nations and entered a trade war with China worth hundreds of billions. This has led to former allies, such as Mexico and Turkey, publicly disavowing or rebuffing the administration.

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This has stoked fears within the White House that ’s ‘America first’ policy has not served US interests, but instead isolated the nation at a time when Russia and China are on the rise.

Former US National Security official Michael Anton suggests that the ‘ Doctrine’ – a term used to describe the President’s foreign policy – is based on nationalist sentiment.

He wrote: “It can be stated like this: Let’s all put our own countries first, and be candid about it, and recognise that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“Putting our interests first will make us all safer and more prosperous.

“Since taking office, the president has recouped US foreign policy to domestic politics, a bond that had become increasingly frayed in recent decades.”

Is Trump isolating the US?Is isolating the US? (Image: EXPRESS)

Trump risks losing allies in crucial areas risks losing allies in crucial areas (Image: EXPRESS)

The rhetoric from the administration is that where previous Presidents were happy to intervene in countries for America’s benefit, the US, under , would keep to itself.

Although this was belied by US involvement in Iran, and previously Afghanistan, has taken a different approach to his predecessors when it comes to the global economy.

After withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership almost as soon as he took office, drew the ire of Canadian Prime Minister when he imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminium and steel.

has also upset his southern neighbours due to a barrage of demands that Mexico pays for a border wall.

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Trump has reversed diplomatic progress with Cuba has reversed diplomatic progress with Cuba (Image: GETTY)

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Since then, the two nations – who shared close ties with the US before – appear ambivalent towards Washington.

This may also be the case with Australia – Prime Minister Scott Morrison rejected Washington’s offer to place missiles in the country to counter China’s alleged aggression in the South China Sea.

Former Australian defence strategist Hugh White has accused of allowing China to act unopposed in the region and suggested that the traditional alliance with Washington may break down.

The US has traditionally seen the majority of their long-term adversaries lie in Latin America as a legacy of the Cold War when the Soviet

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