Revealed: Why Argentina will NEVER take Falkland Islands by force

Yesterday Argentinian voters rejected President Mauricio Macri’s harsh austerity programme in favour of the left-wing slate which included former President De Kirchner. In a shock result for the conservative incumbent, Mr Fernandez and Ms De Kirchner took 47 percent of the vote, making them the favourites for October’s election. The likely vice president’s term in office was dominated by a war of words with Britain over the disputed Falkland Islands – but an expert has claimed that it would be a near-impossible task for the new government to take any action.

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Dr Daniel Ozarow, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University and author of "The Mobilization and Demobilization of Middle-Class Revolt: Comparative Insights from Argentina", told that there was a great degree of misunderstanding from both governments over the islands’ future.

He added: “After the 1982 war, there was a lot of reflection in Argentina about the Falkland Islands.

“They realised that they would never be able to take back the islands by force.

“Argentina never gave up its sovereignty claim, but the United Nations decolonisation committee obliges Britain and Argentina to sit down and discuss the future of the island.

Fears over a Falklands land grab increasedFears over a Falklands land grab increased (Image: GETTY)

Macri was rejectedMacri was rejected (Image: GETTY)

“An amendment was added to Argentina's Constitution in 1994 to say that Argentina's claim to the 'Malvinas' could only ever be effected by peaceful means.

“So the Constitution explicitly rules out invasion.”

Earlier this year Ms De Kirchner released an emotional video reiterating her desire to take back the islands, which were relinquished to the British in 1982.

She proclaimed: “Talking about the Falkland Islands, about our sovereignty, about our fighters, cannot be isolated from a global political context.

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Fears over another Falklands war also grewFears over another Falklands war also grew (Image: GETTY)

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