June’s death sealed by Nick in shock #TheHandsmaidsTale twist?

Season three of The Handmaid’s Tale concludes on Hulu tonight as June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) tries her best to defeat the Gilead regime in any way she can.

However the return of one character could lead to a devastating blow to June as she tries to save the children.

Fans awaiting the dramatic finale have began speculating over how season three will come to a close and what’s in store for the caring handmaid.

Nick Blaine (Max Minghella) returned to the drama earlier in the series but has been fairly absent over the last few episodes.

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Could Nick turn up in time to save June from doing something stupid in her bid to protect the children?

Reddit user neil525 predicted: “I just feel like the finale will end with Nick showing up to stop June and in the process, June gets shot.

“They did say this season doesn’t end good for Nick and June’s relationship.

“Well, if Nick appears at all.”

Other fans joined in the discussion and speculated over June’s fate in the season finale.

“That or Nick gets shot and that’s how the plane gets away,” pinkroseginger theorised.

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