UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms to ravage UK as entire nation braces for ...

THE UK can expect wet weather to persist on Monday with a chance of thunderstorms and lightning strikes in the downpours.

PUBLISHED: 09:31, Mon, Aug 19, 2019 | UPDATED: 09:31, Mon, Aug 19, 2019

Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates explained low pressure will dominate the UK’s weather on Monday morning with showers and low temperatures. He noted that some areas will see some thunderstorms as the low pressure continues to move east towards Scandinavia. He said: “We are stuck in a bit of a weather rut at the moment, sunshine and showers again and all of this accompanied by a brisk breeze.

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“Plenty of showers packing into western and northern Scotland on Monday morning.

“There will be a fair number of showers across southwest Scotland and a good scattering too for Northern Ireland.

“Most of England and Wales will have a fair amount of dry bright weather to start our Monday but this clutch of heavy showers running into the Bristol channel may bring one or two rumbles of thunder.

“As we move on through Monday much of the sunshine in England and Wales will be replaced by a bit more clouds with some showers breaking out.

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Met Office UK weather forecastThe UK will see a wet start to the week as the UK struggles to shake its low air pressure (Image: Met Office )

Weather forecast today Monday met officeAfter the low pressure moves through to Scandinavia a new Atlantic weather front is expected (Image: Met Office)

“I think by the afternoon quite a heavy showers and a risk of some thunder developing across parts of central, southern and eastern England.”

The Met Office forecaster explained that some of the best of sunshine will be seen in east

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