#BrexitOpportunities bombshell: Top Remain campaigner order MPs to ‘get on ...

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Lord Rose of Monewden, former chairman of the Remain campaign, said he was “rather sad” the UK had not already left the EU with an “agreed friendly divorce”. Quizzed over whether he was calling for a second Brexit vote, the Tory peer said: “No, I’m not. I’m saying listen, we made our decision, it’s democratic decision, let’s go with it in the best possible way we can. 

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“I am a Remainer but I do believe in a democratic process. My personal view is that we have to get on with it. I’m rather sad that we haven’t already got on with it. 

“I do believe, or did believe, that we should have an agreed ‘friendly divorce’.” 

Lord Rose, former head of Britain Stronger in Europe, warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson against his “do or die” Brexit stance to leave the EU on October 31 with or without a deal, saying: “We are playing a very high stakes poker game”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme a no deal Brexit would leave the UK with food shortages.

Brexit newsBrexit news: Lord Rose says politicians should 'just get on with' Brexit (Image: GETTY )

Lord Rose said: “Our consumers in the UK have had it good for 50, 60 years now expecting to go into their supermarkets on a daily basis and buy a wide range of products.

“If we do have difficulties with a hard Brexit and there is some interruption of supply, they are going to find their habits are going to have to change because we won’t be able to do everything for them tomorrow that we can do today.

“Yes, there will be shortages and God help us if we get to the situation where there has to be an incident of rationing. 

“But I can foresee situations where if glitches in the supply chain happen, that there will be shortages of certain products on certain days."

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Meanwhile the Government is ramping up its preparations for no-deal with the Chancellor announcing an auto-enrolment scheme to help businesses prepare for post-Brexit trade with the EU.

HMRC will begin automatically enrolling businesses in a customs

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