No deal Brexit plans ramp up as EU ‘not showing movement’ putting UK in deadlock

The row over the Irish border can be dealt with if Eurocrats show “willingness” to speed up work to find alternative arrangements, he said. Mr Gove, the minister responsible for no-deal planning, urged the EU to take an open approach as Prime Minister Boris Johnson headed to Berlin for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. He said: "There are a series of particular facilitations and easements that can be introduced alongside technology which can help ensure that we have as effective a flow of goods over the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland border as businesses will need.

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"It all depends on the willingness of the EU, in particular the European Commission, to commit to making sure that some of the work that's already being done is expedited."

Mr Gove insisted there should not be any significant delay to the flow of goods through ports after Brexit if "we all do the right thing".

He downplayed leaked predictions of a three-month "meltdown" if Britain leaves the EU without striking an agreement as "the absolute worst case".

During a visit to Holyhead Port in North Wales, he said: "I'm confident that, if we all do the right thing, on October 31 we will be able to ensure that goods

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