Top UK diplomat warns Boris Johnson ' cannot deliver' deal after #Brexit

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Boris Johnson and Donald ignited expectations of a strong UK-US trade deal to come into effect after Brexit when the two leaders were spotted engaging in a friendly bilateral meeting at the G7 Summit in Biarritz. The two leaders last month announced they had begun talks over the future deal they hope to strike once the UK leaves the European Union but former diplomat Sir David Warren warned the Prime Minister should not rely on President being able to deliver on a new agreement. Speaking to Sky News, Sir David said: "President can’t deliver a trade deal, that’s the basic point.

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"Just like he can’t, as he tried last week, to order American companies not to trade with China. That’s an important element in understanding the relationship between these two leaders.

"Of course it’s good that leaders have good chemistry – nobody wants a relationship between two countries where the two people in charge can’t stand the sight of each other – but I don’t think we should be misled into thinking that delivers an effective answer to a much big problem."

The former Ambassador to Japan continued: "Already Nancy Pelosi has said there’s no way in which a trade deal is going to get through Congress if Brexit compromises the Good Friday Agreement, the status of Northern Ireland – which is the backstop issue which is such a problem for the British Government.

"No matter what the President says about delivering a trade deal, he’s going to have to get any trade deal through Congress and in Congress he is going to find there are Senators and Congressmen and women whose constituents are affected by the trade concessions he’s going to have to make in order to get agreement on the sort of deal that both sides want."

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Brexit news - Donald Trump Boris JohnsonBrexit news: Johnson and last month announced they had begun talks on a future trade deal (Image: GETTY)

Brexit news - Sir David WarrenBrexit news: Sir David warned "can't deliver" on his promise of a deal (Image: SKY NEWS)

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi warned the British Government the US Congress will not allow a new trade deal between the US and the UK to pass should peace on the island of Ireland were to be jeopardised because of Brexit. 

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