Brexit LIVE: Gove tells MPs they must give Boris Johnson ‘time’ for better ...

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The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has urged his parliamentary colleagues to “back the Prime Minister in his approach” after the EU began to show signs of budging on its red lines ahead of the October 31 deadline. Mr Gove who is in charge of no deal Brexit planning, said failure to support Mr Johnson would risk compromising negotiations with Brussels ahead of the deadline in 60 days time. Mr Gove wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: “I hope my colleagues in the House of Commons will give the Prime Minister the time and space to pursue that opening and get a deal we can all support.

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“The best way to leave with a deal is to back the PM in his approach which has, at last, got the EU to move.The aim of Labour, the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and others is not to stop a no deal Brexit but to stop Brexit altogether.”

He added: “If Parliament erects a roadblock in the Prime Minister’s way this week then the incentive for EU leaders to move further will be compromised.

“If we vote once again for indecision and indefinite delay, EU leaders will conclude they can sit tight and wait it out. The chances of securing changes, and a deal which can pass the Commons, will diminish.”

brexit news boris johnsonBoris Johnson has made a 'do or die (Image: GETTY)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has vowed to scrap the controversial Irish backstop (Image: GETTY)

Mr Gove has also confirmed the Government has stepped up no deal planning and has allocated a further £2billion to help with the transition.

Today the Government will also launch a ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ public campaign which will include television and radio advertising to providence guidance on Britain’s exit from the EU.

Meanwhile Mr Johnson has maintained there is a “good chance” the UK will leave the bloc with a deal and insisted failure to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum could “plunge this country into chaos”.

The Prime Minister told The Sunday Times: “I just say to everybody in the country, including everyone in parliament, the fundamental choice is this: are you going to side with Jeremy Corbyn and those who want to cancel the referendum?

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