Why scientist declared ‘there IS an afterlife – Memories are separate!’

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James Porter Morland is an American philosopher who currently serves as a distinguished professor at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in California. As a dedicated Christian, he declared during Amazon Prime’s “Closer To Truth” series that there is an afterlife. However, besides his faith, Dr Morland also claimed to have scientific evidence to support his views.

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He said in 2014: “Well I think there are certain pieces of evidence that there is an afterlife.

“The first branch of evidence is theistic-dependent. 

“In other words, whether it’s reasonable to believe in an afterlife or not depends on whether you also think it’s rational to believe in God.

“Since I think it’s rational to believe that God exists, then I have a reason for thinking there’s an afterlife.

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James Porter MorlandJames Porter Morland has his own theory on life after death (Image: GETTY/AMAZON)

Dr Morland was speaking during a documentaryDr Morland was speaking during a documentary (Image: AMAZON)

There is an afterlife

James Porter Morland

“It would go something like this – God is not finished with us in this life, he has projects for us.”

Dr Morland went on to elaborate on this point.

He added: “He [God] values versions because he made them, he is not about to annihilate them or snuff them out of existence. 

“And so God will sustain us in existence because we will always matter to him, whether we want to be with him or not.

“The two empirical reasons I have for believing in life after death is the resurrection of Jesus – if, in fact, he rose from the dead.

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Dr Morland stated evidence from the BibleDr Morland stated evidence from the Bible (Image:

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