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womanWISDOM OF AGE.. Connie with her late grandmother Felicity (Image: KEN RAKE)

But this should not really come as much of a surprise, as many are put into care homes, often left unvisited, or a majority live alone with little help. This seems even more shameful when you look at how other societies are treating their “old”. In China, an Elderly Rights Law was introduced to tell adult children they must never neglect elderly people and that they must make arrangements to visit them often. 

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In Singapore, the Maintenance of Parents Act provides residents aged 60 years and over the right to claim maintenance from their children. 

In the Mediterranean the term “respect your elders” is a cultural norm, and in African-American cultures families take their elders into the core of their homes. 

These cultures celebrate ageing and respect their elders. So why do we forget about ours? 

As a 27-year-old Millennial it struck me while visiting my grandmother in a care home how few visitors there were. 

peterPeter was sentenced to death for the murder of two police officers in Ireland (Image: Jim Spellman)

My grandmother taught me so much right up until the day she died this year at the age of 92. 

She gave me insight into Britain during and after the Second World War; the rations, the bombs, life married to a man who had served in the Navy. 

She lived through vast social, economic and political change from 1926-2019, as well as her own personal achievements, such as setting up one of the first Wimpy bars in Britain in the 1950s. 

This memory of historical events and wisdom gathered from a life well lived can only be passed down by the older generations yet in our society we don’t cherish these golden nuggets of knowledge. 

I want to address how the “young” view the “old” and vice versa, changing perspectives. The problem is no longer “respect your elders” it’s simply “don’t forget your elders”. For this reason I created the A Life Well Lived podcast. 

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I partnered up with charity U3A, which leads the debate on positive ageing by bringing together retired and semi-retired people to use their life experiences and knowledge to continue their education. 

Together we found six people with incredible life stories, all over the age of 70. 

Our first podcast tomorrow is with Sunny (Sonia) Jacobs, 71, and

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