Cillian Murphy reveals one detail he hates about Tommy Shelby #PeakyBlinders

PEAKY BLINDERS season five continues on BBC One this evening with the Shelby family still working out how to get the money they lost in the Wall Street Crash back while facing off enemies from Scotland. But as Tommy faces threats from all sides, actor Cillian Murphy has opened up on the one thing he hates about his character.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 20:01, Sun, Sep 1, 2019

Cillian returns as the infamous Tommy Shelby for the third outing of Peaky Blinders this evening.

The Shelby family will gather when the MP tells them about recent tragic events and the imminent threat from the Glasgow Billy Boys.

But as they all gather, Tommy finds out one of the family is in danger and sends Arthur (played by Paul Anderson) and Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) to stop it.

With the fifth season well under way, actor Cillian has opened up on his least favourite Tommy detail.

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The actor has explained he hates the infamous Peaky Blinders hair cut.

The Shelby boys are seen sporting a buzz cut at the back and sides but with longer hair on top.

However, while fans have gone mad for the look, Cillian prefers his natural locks.

“People ask for a Peaky cut,” he said. “It’s crazy that people like it - it hasn’t grown on me.

“It’s when you get the hair cut that people start shouting at you.”

Cillian added to Woman and Home: “When I don’t have the hair cut, I can get the bus quite unmolested.”

Tommy ShelbyPeaky Blinders season 5: Cillian Murphy reveals one detail he hates about Tommy Shelby

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