’It has been incredible’ Newsnight host Emily Maitlis makes surprising ...

Emily Maitlis, 48, spoke out about the response to Brexit in a candid interview. The Newsnight host admitted the political climate has prompted viewers of the BBC show to become more “engaged” in the news. Emily explained to Good Housekeeping: “I think it’s made people simultaneously more engaged with politics and more frustrated and dismissive of politics.” In spite of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the broadcaster insisted it has been “incredible” in terms of the response it inspires from audiences.

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It has been incredible in terms of the response of the audience to it.

Emily Maitlis

Emily added: “It has been incredible in terms of the response of the audience to it; it has made news very vital and alive.”

The presenter also took the opportunity to address her famous eye-roll live on Newsnight back in March.

The moment took place after Theresa May’s Brexit deal was defeated in parliament for the second time.

While Emily grilled a panel of MPs on the subject, she appeared unimpressed as she glared at the camera.

The journalist told the publication: It was bizarre. I don’t think I realised until I woke up the next morning and checked Twitter; it was trending. 

“I could not remember it at first and when I did I thought ‘Oh no,’ and ‘Has that landed me in trouble?’”

Emily Maitlis makes surprising Brexit admissionEmily Maitlis makes surprising Brexit admission (Image: ITV • GETTY)

Emily Maitlis addressed how viewers have responded to BrexitEmily Maitlis addressed how

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