Jesus bombshell: Shock discovery as Son of God's tomb opened for first time in ...

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As reported by Epoch Times, the tomb was opened in October 2016 and is said to be where Jesus lay for three days following the Crucifixion. The Tomb was subject to a restoration project in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City. Fredrik Hiebert of National Geographic was part of the team and explained: “The shrine has been destroyed many times by fire, earthquakes and invasions over the centuries.

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“We didn’t really know if they had built it in exactly the same place every time.”

Negotiations to open the tomb for restorations actually began in 1959.

All denominations that have a right to shared ownership and responsibility of the church have to agree to any changes to it.

This stems from a Status Quo decree from the Ottoman sultan in 1757.

jesus newsIn October 2016, the Tomb of Jesus was opened after 500 years (Image: GETTY)

holy fireOrthodox Christians light candles with Holy Fire in an Easter ceremony in the church (Image: GETTY)

Mr Hiebert said: “Everything has to be approved by the committee, so even changing a candle takes a long time.

“There is a ladder by the main entrance to the church that hasn’t moved in 240 years, and they still haven’t reached a decision.

“It’s called the immovable ladder. So the fact we were finally allowed to carry out this work is a triumph of negotiation.”

The immovable ladder made of Lebanon cedar wood was placed there before 1728.

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