Death Stranding gameplay trailer: Stealth, combat and boss battles showcased at ...

Death Stranding gameplay trailerDeath Stranding gameplay trailer countdown - Start time and date for PS4 TGS 2019 reveal (Image: SONY)

DEATH STRANDING GAMEPLAY TRAILER - UPDATE ONE: Death Stranding fans have got their best look yet at Hideo Kojima’s next game.

At Tokyo Game Show today the Metal Gear Solid mastermind debuted around 49 minutes worth of Death Stranding gameplay.

Stealth sections, combat and a huge jaw-dropping boss battle was revealed during the TGS 2019 Death Stranding trailer.

In the aftermath of the big Death Stranding gameplay reveal another trailer was released.

This Death Stranding ‘briefing’ trailer gives background to the story of DS and what protagonist Sam Porter Bridges’ mission in the game is.

You can watch both Death Stranding trailers in this story via the embedded YouTube clips.

Death Stranding is out on November 8 2019 and is exclusive to PS4.

ORIGINAL: Death Stranding is set to be one of the big headliners of TGS 2019 day one, with almost 50 minutes of PS4 gameplay set to be showcased.

The Death Stranding release date is almost upon us, but how the new title from Hideo Kojima will play still remains a mystery.

First announced back during E3 2016, there have been plenty of trailers for Death Stranding released in the years that followed.

However, these trailers invariably just added to the mystery of what Death Stranding is all about and how it will actually play.

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