Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure exclusive: Hands and legs-on with Wii Fit ...

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Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure on SwitchNintendo Ring Fit Adventure on Switch (Image: NINTENDO)

Remember when Wii Fit launched with the Balance Board all those years ago? Nintendo at its innovative best, Wii Fit kickstarted a video game fitness craze by combining new technology with a user-friendly and entertaining gameplay experience.

More than a decade and a couple of console generations later, and Nintendo is back with a brand new fitness accessory and game for the Switch.

Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness-themed, turn-based role-playing game with a body building dragon as its main villain. Yes, really!

With an October 18 release date, the game is powered by the Ring-Con fitness band and Leg Strap accessory (both pictured below).

The Ring-Con - which houses the right Joy-Con - is a rugged resistance ring that can be squeezed, pulled and rotated. Attached to your left thigh is the Leg Strap, which measures things like running speed, squat movements and knee raises.

It's another completely unexpected surprise from a company that only last year managed to make folding cardboard into a fun pastime for all the family with Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure Leg Strap and Ring ConNintendo Ring Fit Adventure Leg Strap and Ring Con (Image: NINTENDO)

Unlike Labo's companion software, however, Ring Fit Adventure doesn't feel like a mere tech demo for Nintendo's newest fitness device.

Based on Express Online's hands and legs-on experience with the game, Ring Fit Adventure has the feel of a fully-fledged albeit casual role-playing game, complete with sublime visuals, turn-based battles, multiple worlds and a levelling up system.

With the Ring-Con in hand and Leg Strap attached, players explore more than 20 different worlds and battle monsters using over 40 "Fit Skills".

Split into arms, legs, abs and yoga stretches, "Fit Skills" are individual and unlockable exercises that serve as your special moves and attacks. 

So instead of casting a Fire spell or swinging a sword, Ring Fit adventurers inflict damage by flexing the Fit-Con, performing squats, or executing a perfect warrior pose.

The better you perform an exercise, the more damage you inflict, and there's even an elemental system of

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