Egypt bombshell: Mystery box in Tutankhamun’s tomb opened for first time – ...

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The Valley of the King is located on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Luxor, and is known to contain 63 tombs, including Ramses II, Ramses III and Pharaoh Seti. The most famous of the bunch though, KV62, belonged to the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun and was not excavated until 1922 by Howard Carter, under Lord Carnarvon. The tomb was packed with fortunes and it took more than eight years to empty due to the state of the tomb and Mr Carter's meticulous recording technique. 

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Currently, archaeologists are sorting through the thousands of items to prepare them for an exhibition in Cairo Museum.

Historian Bethany Hughes tried her luck during the filming of her Channel 5 show “Egypt’s Greatest Treasures” and it paid off.

She said last month: “One of the items in Carter’s original photographs was this enigmatic box.

“But we now know this treasure didn’t belong to the pharaoh.

Tutankhamun's box opened on cameraTutankhamun's box opened on camera (Image: CHANNEL 5)

KV62 is located in the Valley of the KingsKV62 is located in the Valley of the Kings (Image: GETTY)

It still is the most remarkable thing and it’s tantalising us with its secrets

Bettany Hughes

“We know that this belonged to Tutankhamun’s wife, so it’s the only artefact of hers that exists.

“It looks like it’s 100 years old, or 10 years old.”

Bethany then turned to Dr Essa Zidan and questioned if they could open it and to her surprise, he said yes.

She said: “I think it looks like a linen chest, could we open it?

“This is a box that has never been filmed before or opened and the doctor just offered to open it for us.”

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Harold Carter's original photoHarold Carter's original photo (Image: CHANNEL 5)

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However, the pair did not quite get the find they were hoping for inside.

Dr Hughes added: “Sadly, the box is empty.

“But, you can

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