Antarctica shock: Scientists discover evidence of ‘human intruders’ below ice

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Expedition Antarctica took to the waters for a 50-day journey across the Southern Ocean and beyond the icy continent earlier this year. On board New Zealand’s research vessel RV Tangaroa, an international team used state-of-the-art technology to scan the seabed The Aegis imaging system allowed scientists to capture fascinated images like nothing seen before.

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While the mission is still ongoing, “The Secrets of Antarctica” documentary was released on YouTube in July revealing the amazing finds to date.

The series revealed how the team breached the ice to take a closer look at the marine life that inhabits these bitter waters.

The narrator revealed: “The scientists agree to carry on their work here for as long as they can before the ocean freezes solid.

“It’s like fishing in a margarita.

Antarctica scientits headed below the iceAntarctica scientits headed below the ice (Image: YOUTUBE)

The scientists spent two months at seaThe scientists spent two months at sea (Image: YOUTUBE)

The imaging system shows human intruders

Secrets of Antarctica

“The slushy turmoil on the surface hides the calm waters below.

“As Antarctica began its deep freeze over 30 million years ago, life here evolved and flourished. 

“Now comes a new challenge, despite the prestige nature of this remote ocean, the imaging system shows human intruders.”

The camera pinged back images of beer bottles and fishing nets, suggesting illegal fishing may have been carried out at some point.

The narrator added: “The stills camera snaps a beer bottle and

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