Back to the Future: THAT DeLorean time machine mystery finally solved in EPIC ...

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It’s one of the best-loved movies, but have you ever wondered why Marty McFly couldn’t start the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future? Well, a popular new fan theory argues it’s thanks to interference from past and future versions of the same car that appear and disappear around the same point in time. Reddit user CB2001 argues: “Now, no one ever questioned why the DeLorean's engine in the first film cut off as Marty attempts to head back to 1985 from 1955, or why it cuts off again when he gets there.”

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The fan continued: “There is a possibility: the DeLorean time machine gets interference (the best word I can think of to describe it) from other DeLorean time machines.

“Think about this: When Marty attempts to head back to 1985, he gets into place and everything is set. Then the engine cuts off.

“Maybe the reason why is that at roughly the same moment in time (by a few minutes at least), the future DeLorean (as seen in Back To The Future Part 2) gets struck by lightning and is sent back in time to 1885.

“Somehow, when the DeLorean travels, it emits something that interferes with the engine of other nearby time-travelling DeLoreans.

“And it takes time for this interference to dissipate (which explains how Marty was able to start the engine again only a few minutes after it cut off).

“When he gets back to 1985, it is at 1:24AM, three minutes after the DeLorean's

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