Jo Swinson squirms as BBC host points out 'fundamental hypocrisy' in Brexit ...

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Jo Swinson tabled a motion at the Liberal Democrats conference proposing to scrap Brexit completely should the party secure a strong majority at the next general election. The Lib Dem leader has been campaigning to overturn the result of the European Union referendum through either a people's vote or a snap election. But BBC host Justin Webb pointed out her demands appear similar to SNP plans for a second referendum despite Ms Swinson's vocal opposition to Scotland holding a new vote on independence. 

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Mr Webb said: "When the SNP say that in Scotland, as they do repeatedly at elections, ‘we’ll get another referendum if people vote for us,’ you say to them no, you can’t, you shouldn’t.

"If they go into an election in Scotland – it seems like such a fundamental hypocrisy on your behalf – and say to the Scottish people, ‘we want to have a second referendum campaign and there’s no need for anything except your endorsement at that election,’ it’s the same as you going into an election saying what you’re saying to everyone else."

The BBC presenter continued: "It’s a principle. It’s not about what the result might be, it’s a point of principle.

"Either you can overturn a referendum by putting something in your manifesto and getting elected or you can’t."

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Brexit news - Justin Webb Jo SwinsonBrexit news: Webb confronted Swinson on a "fundamental hypocrisy" in her argument (Image: YOUTUBE/The Update•BBC)

Brexit news - Justin WebbBrexit news: BBC host Webb suggested Swinson has different criteria for Scotland and the UK (Image: YOUTUBE/The Update)

He added: "You say in Great Britain you can, but in Scotland, you can’t. It’s simply a different principle for Scotland as it is for the UK."

Ms Swinson attempted to defend her position, insisting Lib Dems plans to stop Brexit are not the same as the SNP seeking to have a new vote in independence.

She said: "The SNP’s typical playbook is going into elections not mentioning independence, saying to people all sorts of other things they’re voting for. They say it’s not about independence then, after the vote, they claim it as a mandate.

"I want our country to

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