Terrifying moment lightning strikes car TWICE caught in dramatic dash cam ...

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The dramatic footage shows a car in the furthest left lane coming to a stop as traffic has built up in front of it. Once the car comes to a stop a quick flash of lightning strikes the vehicle, with another one following less than a second later. As the lightning bolt makes an impact with the car two loud bangs can be heard.

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The car behind the struck vehicle continues to drive up closer and shows no noticeable damage.

The flashes were so bright that the dash cam is completely engulfed in a blinding light, expectedly blinding the driver.

Galina Ershova was driving along the Berdskoye Highway in Novosibirsk, Siberia, when her dashcam recorded the unlikeliest of drivetime distractions

Ms Ershov said: “I was blinded for a split second, I grabbed the steering wheel with a death grip.

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Lightning strike twiceshocking footage of lightning striking twice was caught on a dash cam (Image: RT)

lightning strikeLightning is extremely hot and a flash can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun’s surface (Image: RT)

“It just happened so quickly.

“There were a lot of eyewitnesses but no one stopped, they all just went on.”

The vast majority of modern motor

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