#CaptainMarvel vs Superman: Who is more powerful? Who would win in a fight?

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Captain Marvel may arguably be the strongest superhero in the MCU. She saved Tony Stark from annihilation in space before going on to help the Avengers travel through time and space to track down infinity stones and beat Thanos. She is also due to be the new face of the MCU - so surely she is the strongest hero?

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Who is more powerful: Captain Marvel or Superman?

The unfortunate truth is, though a fight between these two would be epic, the pair will likely never meet.

As Captain Marvel exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics, Superman is a DC Comics hero, so the pair live in completely different universes.

However, if there was a fight and the streams were well and truly crossed, Captain Marvel is the more likely victor.

Captain Marvel vs SupermanCaptain Marvel vs Superman: Who would win in a fight? Our money is on Captain Marvel (Image: Marvel/WB)

One incredible power which Captain Marvel has to boast is that she can absorb energy and turn it into power.

While Superman has incredible powers from the planet Krypton, including being impressively strong, flying, heat vision, and more, Captain Marvel could turn all of these powers into her advantage.

For example, if Superman hit Captain Marvel with a mega-strong punch, that energy could be turned up to its absolute maximum and hit right back at Superman with even more force.

As well as this power, Captain Marvel can tap into

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