Why Princess Anne was accused of 'not liking people' revealed

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The Princess Royal accompanied her brother Prince Charles on a trip to Washington DC in 1970 on invitation from US President Richard Nixon. According to 2002 Channel 4 documentary ‘The Real Princess Anne’, the American press did not take kindly to Anne’s perceived bad attitude. She apparently looked sulky and bored while viewing cherished American monuments and was terse with photographers and reporters.

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The narrator said: “The reaction against Anne by the American press was instant. They saw in her a royal who didn’t like people.”

Joy Billington, who was a Washington reporter at the time, told Channel 4 why reporters came to this conclusion.

She said: “She was very bad-tempered, very sulky. 

"She really didn't want to be there, that was the impression one had.

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princess annePrincess Anne was accused of being "sulky" and "bad-tempered" (Image: GETTY)

princess anne prince charlesCharles and Anne in Washington DC, 1970 (Image: GETTY)

“Helen Thomas, very respected journalist, said: ‘Princess Anne, what do you think of the Washington Monument?’

And instead of saying ‘very tall’ – she could have answered in two simple words – she said ‘I don’t give interviews.’”

This was in stark contrast to her brother Charles, who was apparently very friendly and receptive to the press.

In her book ‘The Royals’, biographer Kitty Kelley claimed Anne’s behaviour “made Charles look good” by comparison.

nixon prince charlesCharles and Anne in Washington DC, 1970 (Image: GETTY)

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She said: “He smiled for the photographers, she swatted them like flies.”

In extraordinary vintage audio in the documentary, a British broadcaster can be heard suggesting a more charitable interpretation of the princess’ behaviour – that

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