This surprising food can help you burn fat fast - what is it? #weightlossjourney

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Weight loss diet: Flat abs high fat foodsWeight loss diet: Eating foods high in fat can help slimmers shape up (Image: GETTY)

No matter what the reason for shaping up, weight loss is something many Britons will think about. While it can be tempting to cut different food groups from the diet, eating more of the right foods could actually make a bigger difference. Dieters can actually shift unwanted weight by eating more fat but some foods are better than others, nutritionalist Shona Wilkinson warned. So, what foods can you eat?

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Fat triggers the release of hormones which make us feel full.

Shona Wilkinson

Although eating foods high in fat sounds like it is more likely to see your pile on the pounds, Shona opened up about the benefits for weight loss.

She said: “We have been told for many years now that fat is our enemy and causes us to get fat – this is not true.

“We need to eat fat every day for our health. Fat helps us to feel fuller for longer because of it’s longer digestion time. Fat also triggers the release of hormones which make us feel full.”

Eating fatty foods can help slimmers feel full and satisfied which means they are less likely to opt

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