Global work-life balance statistics revealed - how did the UK fare?

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Global: Which country has the best work-life balance?Global: Which country has the best work-life balance? (Image: Getty Images)

Work-life balance is a major part of the lives of all employed people, with figures around the globe showing that people are starting to dedicate a larger percentage of time to their working life. This can have detrimental effects on personal life and health. Columbia has been named the worst country when it comes to over-worked citizens, meanwhile The Netherlands have came out on top as the ultimate location for work-life balance. The study, dubbed 'The Better Life Index', from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) used a variety of factors to determine its best and worst countries.

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Work-life balance: Colombia was the country which scored lowestWork-life balance: Colombia was the country which scored lowest (Image: DX)

Using factors including leisure and personal time, the employment of mothers, household income and wealth, working hours and health the organisation compiled a list of the top and bottom 13 countries around the world.

One country in particular who are in the spotlight for over working is Columbia, where citizens clock up around 48 hours a week with the potential of an additional 12 in overtime and just one obligatory day off a week.

Furthermore, according to the national average for leave from employment comes in at just 15 days per year, half of which can be swapped for pay by request of the Ministry of Social Protection and Health.

Also joining Columbia in the list is Mexico, Turkey, South Korea and Japan.

Unsurprisingly, there were a few western countries who seemed to fare worst for prioritising work above social time.

These included both the United States and the United Kingdom, coming in 11th and 12th out of the poorest performing countries.

Australia and New Zealand only just beat the UK score by 0.4 and 0.1 points respectively

In the U.S the average working week is reported to be 40 hours in office, with a national expectation to take work home with them according to

In fact, the website states: “Employees are generally expected to keep up with emails and deadlines after work, and the higher you move up the career

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