How Boris Johnson's right-hand man Dominic Cummings is 'cryptically snubbing ...

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Boris Johnson’s special adviser is often pictured in crumpled shirts, ripped jeans, hoodies,  and trainers, in stark contrast to everyone else, who is suited and booted. He is clearly defying a UK politics convention that those involved should be smartly dressed. According to the Telegraph’s Stephen Doig, this is a deliberate act of contempt and disrespect towards MPs.

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Mr Doig claimed Mr Cummings’ “meticulously crafted, deliberately dishevelled way of dressing” is “remarkable in its disregard for the officious position Cummings finds himself in as Boris Johnson’s ‘special adviser’.”

In this way, the former Vote Leave campaign director is rejecting the traditions of Parliament, contributing to desired image of being anti-establishment.

Mr Doig argued: “Part of it can only be part of a tactical ploy to appeal as a sort of Brexit Everyman.”

For example, Mr Cummings often dons a gilet, which evolved as attire for European peasantry to deal with the hard graft of life at the time, and gives off a “get-on-with-it-and-gung-ho” vibe.

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dominic cummings boris johnsonFormer Vote Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnson's special adviser (Image: GETTY)

dominic cummingsDominic Cummings is apparently sending a message that he is anti-establishment (Image: GETTY)

Meanwhile, the usual suit and blazer gives off a “behind-the-desk, paper-pushing” image of someone not in touch with the ordinary Briton.

In Mr Doig’s words, “the gilet is the waistcoat’s more rag-tag, rough and tumble brother”.

In the narrative of the people versus Parliament, Mr Cummings has firmly put himself on the side of the people. 

What makes Mr Cummings’ outfits so clearly deliberate is that photographs from 2001 show him dressed in a smart jacket and shirt.

dominic cummingsDominic Cummings, 2001 (Image: GETTY)

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