Ivanka snub: How husband Jared Kushner made ‘dismissive’ comment ...

Jared allegedly said to a colleague after the birth of their second child, Joseph, in 2013, that he “could not understand why people took so much time off around pregnancies”. He added: “After all, there are so many people helping.” According to 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’, his attitude had somewhat evolved from Ivanka’s first pregnancy.

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When Arabella was born in 2011 he told the same colleague that he was “amazed” at how quickly Ivanka went back to work.

Apparently, within days of giving birth, Ivanka was down in Miami closing a deal on the Doral Golf Resort and Spa for the Organisation.

Jared said of his wife: “She feels she has to prove herself to her father.”

Jared's colleague said he seemed surprised and impressed, but that just two years later he was far more dismissive.

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Ivanka Trump jared kushnerIvanka went back to work quickly after all her pregnancies (Image: GETTY)

ivanka trump donald trumpIvanka was pregnant during the 2016 presidential campaign (Image: GETTY)

It appeared that he was starting to see Ivanka’s unusually rapid return to work as the norm, rather than an exception. 

Mr Kushner also “had zero awareness that he was born on third base”, according to a former colleague, a phrase that refers to someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth but still thinks their standing in life is because of their own doing. 

Perhaps it is his lack of understanding of their privilege that Mr Kushner assumed every mother has “so many people helping”. 

After giving birth to Arabella in 2011 and Joseph in 2013, Ivanka had their third child Theodore in 2016.

ivanka trump newsIvanka and Jared Kushner have been married for a decade (Image: GETTY)

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Jared's comments might particularly sting Ivanka as she suffered from postpartum depression after each of her pregnancies.

She revealed on The Dr Oz Show: “With each of my three children, I had some level of postpartum depression.

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