Yellowstone volcano: Researcher claims NASA work on caldera could 'cause it to ...

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NASA’s Jet Propulsions Laboratory in California came up with a bombshell idea back in 2015 to help “save the world” from a supereruption at Yellowstone. The concept, which in theory would cost around £2.7billion, would involve drilling into the hydrothermal system at Yellowstone National Park and attempting to cool the magma. However, it won't work, according to Professor Simon Holland.

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Mr Holland is a keen science researcher who has produced documentaries for NASA funded projects including pinpointing Earth-threatening asteroids and also runs his own YouTube channel, where he likes to debate popular scientific topics, with this week’s video being dedicated to Yellowstone.

He told his 30,000 subscribers: “Turns out that Yellowstone is on an eruption cycle of about 600,000 years and the last eruption was 600,000 years ago.

“But NASA and JPL are worried about it and they’ve come up with a cunning plan to cool Yellowstone down.

“Most volcanoes are a cinder cone and when they explode lava comes out the top, runs down the sides, they tend to do a lot of damage, but they don’t devastate the planet.

Simon Holland believes NASA's plan could be a problemSimon Holland believes NASA's plan could be a problem (Image: GETTY)

Yellowstone volcano has the potential to create global destructionYellowstone volcano has the potential to create global destruction (Image: GETTY)

It might crack, causing fissures and actually cause it to explode

Simon Holland

“Now a caldera, or supervolcano, really is different, because under the ground is a bubble and I’m talking a big bubble of molten lava.

“When this type of volcano erupts and the land falls down exposing a lake of liquid lava which is under pressure and it spurts out.”

Mr Holland, who got his "Professor" title as a nickname for his investigative research over the years, rather than professional credentials, went on to outline his problems with NASA’s plan.

He added: “There is evidence that the last time Yellowstone erupted that the ash went at least 3,000 miles to Nebraska and the amount of ash and lava and stuff that comes out goes into the atmosphere and can cause what’s known as a nuclear winter, masking the Earth from sunlight.

“So JPL and NASA are planning to spend $3.5billion on cooling Yellowstone down, but it’s a big lake molten lava.

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Simon Holland revealed all to his YouTube viewersSimon Holland revealed all to his YouTube viewers (Image: YOUTUBE)

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“They propose drilling down to the edges of the caldera,

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