classic theory: Albus Dumbledore was actually 'time-travelling ...

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It’s certainly at the more unconventional end of the theories, but is Dumbledore an older time-travelling Ron Weasley from the future? It’s a theory that’s been around for the last two decades on early forums for the popular books and films. And in one summary of it, that resurfaced a couple of years ago, are some pretty intriguing arguments. Posted on Tumblr, a fan wrote: “OK guys, I am currently reading the series for the first time. But I have seen the theory that Ron is Dumbledore, and I want to take it further.”

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They continued: “The theory goes like this: Ron and Dumbledore are both described as tall, thin, and possessing a long nose that has been broken a few times. 

“Dumbledore has long fingers, Ron has large hands. “Dumbledore had red hair, we know this from the memory Tom Riddle had. 

“Dumbledore has a scar above his left knee, Ron injured his left leg.

“Dumbledore seems to know everything Harry and Ron did/are about to do.”

Presumably, an older Ron would have used a time-turner to go back and be Dumbledore. 

dumbledore and ron theory: Albus Dumbledore was actually 'time-travelling Ron Weasley' (Image: WB)

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